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About Patricia Paigerac

Patricia Paigerac was born in Martinique, an overseas department of France in the Caribbean, and grew up in Paris, France.


In 1990 Patricia Paigerac moved to Italy and lived in Rome for seven years and became fluent in Italian.

In 1998 Patricia Paigerac moved to the US In 2013 she returned to France. While living in France she taught English to French students.

Patricia Paigerac has a love and interest in foreign languages and cultures. She is fluent in French, Italian and English and is learning Spanish.

Patricia Paigerac has written and published a series of children’s books in English. These educational books are designed for children to learn basic words in five different languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. These books are titled “Chimmy 5in1 in Languages books."

Patricia Paigerac is now living in California and is teaching French to American students. She has opened a language center named Chimmy 5in1 Languages Center. 

Chimmy 5in1 Languages Center is a full immersion program that teaches French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Art class.

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